2019 Common Election results

For 6 parent representatives

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Successful representatives
Louise Clancy
David James Gardiner
Joelle Toni Grace
Malcolm Hollis
Julia Ellen Hurren
Andy Lamont

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mrs Louise Clancy, Mr David James Gardiner, Mrs Joelle Toni Grace, Mr Malcolm Hollis, Mrs Julia Ellen Hurren and Mr Andy Lamont.

Melanie Crase
Tilly Flood
Hayley Groves
Invalid Votes: 1

Meet your representatives

Louise Clancy

Hi, my name is Louise Clancy, I really value the community I live in and would like to use my skills and experiences to work with the Elmwood School Board to achieve the very best for our school.

Over the past seven years I have had two children attending Elmwood and have been actively involved in a variety of roles including class representative, teacher aide and supporting ENSCA. This has given me a good appreciation of the hard work that goes into running a successful school. I believe that I have skills that would now be useful at board level.

Financial Skills: I hold a first class honours BSc, (Maths) and worked for a large American Investment Bank in New York, London and Melbourne as a Financial Analyst. I am comfortable speaking and negotiating on financial matters and could help the board make sound financial decisions.

Communication Skills: I also worked with a European Communications company and was the Lead Consultant on Presentation, Pitching and Negotiation. These skills could be very useful over the next three years as the Elmwood Board negotiates the best deals for our renovations.

In this role, I was responsible for delivering an Education Training Programme, working with over 200 school principals and teachers! I am an experienced interviewer and have worked with many boards and management teams helping them develop effective strategic plans.

Perhaps the most useful attributes I bring to a board is that, according to my friends, I’m a hard-working, level-headed, high energy and down to earth person. I get on well with people but I’m not afraid to speak my mind and I understand the importance of good listening.

I would love to be given the opportunity to help our school continue to be the very best it can be for all our children’s futures.


David James Gardiner

My name is David Gardiner and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Elmwood Normal School. I am a member of the current Board. My wife Sue and I have three girls. Amelia, currently in year five, is our last child at Elmwood. Anna and Kate are at Heaton and Girls High after six great years at Elmwood. We are extremely lucky to have such a great local school with its fantastic culture, staff and community. The broad range of learning opportunities provided by the school is a real credit to our hardworking teachers and management. I have a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. I work as a director in a local engineering consultancy, and have held various roles including managing a business unit for a number of years and leading a number of significant local projects. I have really enjoyed being part of a great ENS Board. Being part of the Board has given me a greater understanding of the school and the complexity of teaching and learning. I have been helping with the Education Brief for the upcoming redevelopment of the classroom facilities, which has recently been approved by the Ministry, and hope to continue with this through the planning and design phases. The Board is focused on maximising the redevelopment opportunity to set the school up for the future and I would love to be part of that process. Thanks!

Joelle Toni Grace

My name is Joelle Grace and I am standing for the Elmwood Normal School Board of Trustees.

I have two boys at Elmwood – Campbell in year 2, and Austin in year 0, as well as having attended Elmwood School myself when I was a child. I have a long history of affiliation with the school and a real desire to see it flourish into the future for the sake of our children and the local community.

I have put my name forward for the Board of Trustees as I know I can make a positive contribution to the school in the role of trustee. I am a corporate/commercial lawyer (a partner at Lane Neave) and have spent much of my career advising company boards, businesses and executives, including on matters relating to strategy, governance and commercial arrangements.

I am very keen to put more time and energy into my community on a voluntary basis, and feel that my professional skills mean that serving on the Board of Trustees is a great way to do this in a significant and meaningful way.

I believe that the primary school environment has a substantial impact on the future of our children and my two boys have both had positive starts to their education, which I am immensely grateful to Elmwood for. I hope to be able to assist to ensure other children have similarly positive experiences both in starting school and during their years at Elmwood, including seeking to ensure that the school has the facilities and resources to best prepare our children for the future.

Elmwood School has some important decisions to make and work to do going forward in connection with the post-earthquake rebuild program. If I am elected to the Board of Trustees then I will bring not only legal and commercial skills to assist in these decisions, but also a drive to see the school continue in a way that maintains its excellent reputation, attracts great teachers and other staff and best serves its local community, for the overall benefit of its students.

I would very much appreciate your vote and it would be my pleasure to serve on the Board of Trustees at Elmwood Normal School.


Malcolm Hollis

My name is Malcolm Hollis and I am standing for the Elmwood Normal School Board of Trustees. I am a chartered accountant and work as a Partner at PwC.

It has been a privilege to be a Trustee of Elmwood for 7 years and Chair for the last 5. I have had 3 children through Elmwood and my 4th and last is in year 3. With 4 kids at or through Elmwood you could say that giving some of my time to the Elmwood Board is the least I can do!

I am standing again as I enjoy the positive interactions with the Elmwood team and community that the role brings, and I think it’s essential to have some consistency and knowledge on the Board during a time of some changes and challenges.

As well as all the business as usual matters, I see the major areas of focus for the next board will be: 1.The redevelopment of Elmwood’s buildings and facilities, 2.Supporting the staff's desire for improved conditions while managing community expectations, 3.Embracing the wonder of ever-changing technology while retaining a focus on core ‘non screen’ learning and social skills, 4.Building resilience across our community with support and inclusiveness.

The redevelopment will be a great opportunity to bring the school's facilities up to current and future requirements. We need to identify and use ‘cool ideas’ without compromising our community’s expectations (i.e. “flexibility but no barns”) and we must ensure that the usual high quality teaching activities and outcomes are not disrupted.

Elmwood is successful due to the commitment of its highly professional teachers and staff. But there are tensions with a strong desire for improved financial support and resources. While Board’s have no direct role in negotiations, we must balance our support for both the staff and community through this challenge.

All sectors are being challenged by advances in technology, especially social media. And while technology has and is being embraced at Elmwood, we must ensure our children develop good habits as to its use. Recent events mean we must remain ready for whatever is thrown at us. The inclusive culture at Elmwood supports resilience but we cannot be complacent. The board needs to ensure the school has the resources available to support anyone who needs it.

With your support I look forward to debating these and other issues with the new board. Thank you.


Julia Ellen Hurren

My name is Julia Hurren and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Elmwood Normal School.

I am married to Casey. We have two children at Elmwood - Isobel in year 5 and Clementine in year 1. Our youngest son Henry is 3.

My family and I have a long connection with Elmwood. My sisters and I attended Elmwood together with our cousins. My children love attending Elmwood and have gained a huge amount from the fantastic learning environment provided on a daily basis. I consider we are extremely fortunate to be part of an amazing school and community and I am happy to contribute to the school as Trustee.

Professionally, I am a specialist employment lawyer and have over 15 years legal experience. I work as an associate in the employment team at Duncan Cotterill. I work primarily with employers and regularly advise on all areas of risk management in the employment relationship. I attended Otago University and before returning to Christchurch I worked at large firms in Auckland and in the UK. In my role I have extensive experience in assisting employers to manage workplace relationships, ensure legal compliance and best practice. I provide strategic advice on all aspects of people management, workplace change, consultation processes and dispute resolution and understand the importance of ensuring productive and effective working relationships are in place.

I have been on the Board of Trustees since 2016 and would be happy to continue for the next three years. The school is at an exciting stage of the rebuild process and will see progress over the next three years. My aim as a Trustee is to ensure that the quality of all aspects of education is maintained to the highest standard so that each and every student achieves his or her potential.

If elected to the Board of Trustees again, I believe I can assist to ensure the good governance of the school and the implementation of the school’s strategic direction through this exciting stage of its development.

Andy Lamont

My name is Andrew Lamont (Andy), and I am standing for nomination to the Elmwood Normal School Board of Trustees.

A born and breed Cantabrian, I am a self-made businessman where I am involved in the Technology & Artificial Intelligence space. I am an advisor and shareholder for soon to be NZX listed global technology company Arria NLG and also a director for a private technology company ResultsBI.com

I have owned various businesses over the years and three years ago sold a family flooring business operating in the Canterbury construction industry.

I bring to the position a common sense, practical, and logical approach, incorporating the many professional skills I have learnt in business over the years. I have a strong passion for learning, and given my vantage point in the technology space, I can see the transformation that will impact the careers for our children in the future, as well as the type of skills that will be required for them as they learn and grow.

I am committed that the children of our school will be given the best opportunity to succeed, and ensuring that they are well supported for a rapidly changing and exciting future from an early age.

I have three children at school, Charlotte (Y5), Olivia (Y3) and Harriet ( Y2). My wife Natasha is an active member of ENSCA, and as a family, we enjoy skiing, hockey and spending our downtime with family and friends.

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